Jim created a special sauce for his sandwiches and never worried about measuring ingredients. He chopped onions with a French knife and tossed them in a pot with tomato paste and spices. Luckily, his son Al's wife Liz had watched this process and was able to assist Al in recovering the recipe after Jim passed away. But something was missing, and the customers immediately noticed the difference. They told Al that the secret of the sauce went with his dad. About a week after Jim passed, Al was asleep when a vision of Jim appeared at the foot of his bed with a grin on his face. He said, "I told you that you should've watched me." Although Al never believed in anything spiritual, he asked, "What am I doing wrong?" Jim said, "think," and it came to Al immediately. It was four in the morning, but Al jumped out of bed and went to the kitchen to made a batch of sauce – it was perfect! Jim's Famous Sauce is now the foundation for the business.

Al managed to standardize the amounts. Although the sauce was a bit spicier than the original, customers liked it and started begging to purchase some. Soon, Al and his nephew Brian Homoki were making 10 gallons a day. The sauce was sold to customers in pint-sized plastic containers. By 2003, they starting bottling it. To keep up with the demand, two companies are involved now. One provides the spices, and the other cooks the ingredients, adds spices, and bottles the final product. Neither company has access to the whole recipe. Although it was created to enhance hot dogs, customers have enjoyed using it on chicken, pasta, and other meats. It's got a little bit of tang to it and has a good shelf life. People buy it to give as gifts, sometimes purchasing several cases at a time.